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Penticton Palliative Care Program


The Penticton & District Hospice Society began in June 1981. Dr. Jack Chritchley was instrumental in pioneering the program and was the founding chair of the Society. It had always been his dream for there to be a free standing Hospice House in Penticton.

With the help of a very active board and support from the Medical Foundation a fundraising campaign was undertaken. Generous donations came in from Andy Moog, his foundation and the Penticton community at large.

In 1997 construction started. The doors opened in June 1998. The total project was paid for shortly after opening. It was agreed that the day to day operation of the Palliative Care Program be managed by Interior Health, and that the Penticton & District Hospice Society would be responsible for fundraising to support ongoing Hospice House needs.

Moog & Friends Hospice House is situated amidst tranquil gardens close to Penticton Regional Hospital on a convenient bus route. Private accommodation is available for residents in a comfortable home-like setting

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The Hospice Palliative Care Program is dedicated to the care of the terminally ill patient, their family and support persons. The purpose of the program is to alleviate suffering and to improve the quality of living for persons for whom curative treatment is no longer desired or appropriate.

Core Focus

The Hospice Palliative Care Program makes every effort to assist clients in a homelike environment.

The continuum of care may range from the client’s home, to the client’s home with community services, to Moog and Friends Hospice House, to the hospital. Given this philosophy, clients admitted to Hospice House, or the hospital, are regularly reviewed with a view toward facilitating discharge home with appropriate support services. In the event that a client is unable to return home, but does not require the specialized care offered by Hospice House or the hospital, efforts are made to facilitate discharge to an appropriate community care facility.


Penticton & District Hospice Society - Board of Directors 2014

ANDREA TURNER - Hospice Palliative Social Worker

BOB KITTLE - Director - Treasurer & Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

CARMEN EBERLE - Director - Secretary

DR. ALAN NIXON - Medical Director of Palliative Care


MAX UHLEMAN - Director



RON ARSENAULT - Director - Chairman of the Board of Directors


RUTH SAWYER - Director