P & D Hospice Society ~ Bereavement Resource Centre

In response to the needs of those who have lost a loved one the Society also operates the Bereavement Resource Centre (BRC), a not-for-profit, non-denominational and confidential service. The BRC provided referral services, and counselling and group programs for adults and children.

In March, 2016, the adult programs at the BRC were suspended. This decision was made with great difficulty as one step to addressing financial issues faced by the Society.  All the counselling services and programs operate solely on donations and funds are not available at this time to sustain the adult programs.

The BRC continues to provide counselling services and group programs for grieving children, and the adults supporting them.

The Board wishes to emphasize its continued long-term support for grief and bereavement services in the community, and sincerely hopes that these adult programs can be reinstated in some form in the future.

Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Children, Youth & Family

Our child and youth grief counsellor will meet with the parent/guardian of the child for details about the child and the loss to determine the best route to help guide the child/youth through the grieving process. We offer:

  • Individual and family grief counselling.
  • Group support
    • Activities geared toward particular age groups to encourage children/youth to express their grief and find support from others who have also lost a loved one.
  • Information on how to support a grieving child
    • Child/Youth Counsellor will provide information and services to staff in schools.
    • Informational appointments available at the BRC for anyone who is supporting a grieving child.
    • Video presentations.


  • Referral services
  • Lending library
  • Loss of a Child – Information about The Compassionate Friends of Canada

What People Say

“I was able to confront my grief and receive the help I so desperately needed. I can’t imagine how I would have managed without the support I received and I’m so thankful that they were there for me.

– Linda

“The youth counsellor is fantastic. She helped the kids understand their feelings. Having a third party walk the boys through their grief and loss helps us all not to feel so alone. We have the tools to help each other.”

– Clayton

“…very helpful in sorting out many things surrounding the grieving that I was undergoing since the death of my wife.”

– Greg