P & D Hospice Society ~ Celebrate Hospice Week May 7 – 13

Posted: April 19, 2017

Hospice week will be celebrated in Penticton with a proclamation presented by City Council in its regular meeting on May 2.
The Hospice Society is currently seeking a sponsor to place the proclamation in local newspapers so that residents will be aware the Hospice House and the services it provides.
The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association says that hospice care is about “Living well – right to the end”.
We are often afraid to talk about end of life care issues because it’s about the unknown. But hospice care is about living your life – and living it well – right to the end. We can’t know how or when that will be, but we can get informed about what may be available to us and share our wishes with our family. Creating an advance care plan can help you think about and focus on doing what’s important to you now and in the future

The national association wants Canadians to conquer the fear of dying and commit to two things:
1. Learn about hospice care and advance care planning – what they mean and what you think you may want (or know you want) when the time comes; and
2. Make a “bucket list” of the top five things you want to do before you die and share it with friends, family and on social media. By doing this you are making a commitment to live well – right to the end.
To support the general awareness of the importance and value of Moog and Friends Hospice House, families of Hospice House patients are being encouraged to write “letters to the editor” during this week.